Unapologetically Boujie Cosmetics

Are you ready for our new cosmetics line launch?  Here are a few things you need to know about our new product!

When will the cosmetic line launch? 

June 1st 

What can we expect from this product? 
Our hydrating lipgloss will come in 4 different shades tailoring to all skin tones.  Some are scented or have a nice cooling sensation.  Our hydrating lip glosses are long lasting and shiny AF!
Are your lip glosses vegan free?
Yes, vegan and cruelty free

Our hydrating lip glosses contain natural oils such as, vitamin E oil.  Vitamin E oil promotes moisturizing skin and prevents fine lines/wrinkles.

What will the hydrating lip glosses look like?

1 clear scented gloss and 3 tinted hydrating lip glosses

We are very excited to launch our tinted lip glosses!  Stay tuned for us to release more details soon