Lash Care

Lash Extension Care

Avoid oily products (makeup/remover, creams, mascara)
Don't pluck or pull on lash extensions
Use lash bubbles to clean lash extensions after the 48 hour period
Avoid sleeping on your face
Don't perm, tint or use an eyelash curler
Don't schedule a facial within 48 hours of getting your extensions
No water for 48 hours (excessive perspiration, steam, water, etc)
Please see a trained lash artist to remove your lash extensions properly
To extend the life of your lashes, book your schedule refills 2-3 weeks with 50% retention.

Luxury Mink Strip Care

Measure and trim your lashes to fit your eye  (Cut on the outer end)

Use an oil-based remover to losen the lash strip and remove

To wash lash glue off of the band, use warm water and soap

Glue Suggestions: Duo